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Which types of surgery to get in Thailand and why

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

There is a large number of people that travel to Thailand every year for medical treatments and surgeries. The top 3 reasons are the affordable costs, high quality services and the attractive tourist destinations.

As a world leading medical tourist destination, Thailand hospitals offer all kinds of medical treatments, including complex surgeries.

Among them all, there are some procedures that are most recommended in Thailand.

Sex Reassignment Surgeries

Thailand is recognised to be a great place for sex reassignment surgery (SRS), also known as gender reassignment surgery (GRS) or a sex change operation. Many big hospitals offer this type of surgery with skilled surgeons who have performed the same operation for decades and the success rates are extremely high. Not only do the high quality hospitals and surgeons make Thailand a preferred place for sex reassessment, but the costs appear to be much lower than in many other countries as well. The cost for male to female reassignment in Thailand is around ฿200,000 or $7,000 while it’s around

$20,000 in America. The cost for female to male reassignment in Thailand is around ฿1,000,000 or $33,000can while it’s more than $50,000 in America. Therefore, there are thousands of people that fly to Thailand every year to undergo this life changing procedure to have the body they truly desire.

Breast Surgeries

Breast augmentation, also commonly referred to as a “boob jobs” is one of the most popular surgeries in Thailand, being performed in hundreds of hospitals and clinics here. Due to the high demand, the surgeons are particularly skilled and perform with the newest techniques on the market. All materials are available with an affordable price from ฿50,000- ฿100,000 ($1,600 - $3,300). Nowadays, breast reduction and breast lift sre becoming more and more popular in Thailand also.


Facelift surgery in Thailand is rapidly growing in popularity alongside with many other cosmetic surgeries. Among many available procedures that claim to give you a more youthful appearance, facelift is recognised as the most effective procedure that is also popular worldwide. The average cost for a facelift in Thailand is ฿50,000 or $1,600 while it costs around $7,000 in the U.S. The big difference in costs attract men and women from all over the world to fly to Thailand for this particular treatment.


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