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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Thailand Breast Implants

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentations or “boob jobs” have become popular in Thailand and across the world. These procedures involve inserting breast implants which will enlarge the size of your breast or/and change the shape.

The implants may contain saline or silicone and both are available in round and drop shaped versions.

The implants are available in sizes 100-700 cc. However, at the consultation before the surgery, the surgeon will evaluate the patient’s body and give their advice on the appropriate size and shape. That way, the patient can make the best informed decision.

The operation time is usually between 1 - 2 hours under general anaesthetic. After the surgery, patients are required to stay in the hospital for only one night. The recovery time varies from patient to patient.

The first 3-7 days will be the most uncomfortable and patients are advised to avoid exercise and reduce physical output. The pain and swelling are usually gone 1-2 weeks after the breast augmentation. To be safe, patients are usually advised to take 2 weeks off work for the recovery process.

How long does breast implant surgery take?

The procedure normally takes less than 2 hours, during which the patient will be fully sedated. Depending on your preferred incision style, the operation time might vary a bit. Following the surgery, patients are usually staying at the hospital for one night.

How long does breast implant surgery recovery take?

You should wait one to two weeks following surgery before beginning any sports, depending on the amount of activity required, how you feel, and your doctor's instructions.

What are the results of breast implant surgery treatment?

With breast implants or breast augmentation, as it’s most commonly referred to, you can expect soft firm and larger breasts.

How do I get breast implant surgery in Thailand?

Book a consultation and we will discuss your options for breast implant surgery in Bangkok or another major city in Thailand. Azami will present you with discounted options among the best surgeons in your area.

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