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Facelift & Rhytidectomy

facelift in bangkok and thailand

What is a facelift?

Also known as a rhytidectomy, this type of cosmetic surgery aims to decrease the appearance of deep lines on the face, tightening and reshaping specific areas to make the face appear more youthful.

The facelift targets creases around the mouth and nose, as well as sagging skin or stubborn fat under the chin and neck. It can also be combined with other surgeries that target the eyelids, cheeks, forehead and brows.

During the first consultation, the doctor will do a physical check and ask about your medical history. After discussing your goals, he will recommend the best procedure for you.

New technologies, such as endoscopy and lasers, allow for a faster, less painful recovery with little scarring.

Mini-facelifts are also becoming popular, as they are less invasive than the traditional facelift. It involves a smaller incision around the ears and targets sagging and wrinkles in the lower face.

Contact Azima today and we’ll give you a free facelift consultation.

How long does a facelift take?

This is generally an outpatient procedure that requires local anesthetics or general anesthesia. The surgery lasts 2-5 hours, with the patient able to return home after completion.

How long does facelift recovery take?

Recovery time on average is about 2 weeks, with bruising and swelling to be expected for up to 2 days after surgery. Of course, every patient is different when it comes to recovery, so your doctor will recommend the best course of action to ensure a smooth and quick recovery.

What are the results of a facelift treatment?

With rhytidectomy or facelift, as it’s commonly referred to, you will get a firmer and younger face.

How do I get a facelift in Thailand?

Book a consultation and we will discuss your options for a facelift in Bangkok or another major city in Thailand. Azami will present you with discounted options among the best surgeons in your area.

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