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Azami All-Inclusive Surgery Packages in Thailand

all-inclusive cosmetic surgery package in Thailand

Why get an all-inclusive Surgery Package in Thailand?

All-inclusive surgery and plastic surgery packages with Azami Medical in Thailand takes the guesswork out of planning your surgery trip. We will be covering accommodation, transportation, medical facilities, procedure, recovery, meals, and more!

Medical tourism in Thailand is getting increasingly popular, and with good reason; due to affordable pricing and the state-of-the-art medical facilities Thailand has to offer, it has become a center for medical tourism in Asia. 


With Azami Medical you are getting the most affordable prices, while getting pampered with luxury hotels and top-tier medical care from the best health-professionals in Thailand.

How much does an all-inclusive surgery package to Thailand cost?

The prices of an all-inclusive surgery package to Thailand varies depending on how comprehensive your surgery is, the time your recovery takes and which type of package you choose. We offer all-inclusive VIP packages in Bangkok as well as more exotic locations in Thailand, so the opportunities are plenty.


Call us today and learn more about your options for undergoing surgery and enjoying a luxury stay in Thailand, with everything covered by English speaking concierge service.

Thailand plastic surgery packages
Thailand cosmetic surgery packages

What do I get with an all-inclusive surgery package in Thailand?

Though our packages vary depending on the client and the surgery, we commonly include the following;

  • Pre-op consultation.

  • Surgery procedure.

  • One- or two-nights observation in private VIP hospital ward.

  • Post-op treatments, incl. supplements, proteins, pain medication and support garments.

  • Recovery accommodation for up to two weeks at luxury hotel or apartment.

  • Daily breakfast and access to various facilities, pool, gym, massage parlor, etc.

  • Transportation from and to the airport, hotel, and hospital.

  • Concierge service, your own personal bilingual assistant from the Azami team will be with you all the way.

  • Communications, translation and document handling.

  • Special access to various services in your area, such as spa treatments and fitness activities.

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