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Things to consider before traveling to Thailand for Cosmetic Surgery

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

If you’re planning to travel to Thailand for medical treatment, here are 5 important things you should consider before making any further decisions!

1. Costs

The affordable medical treatment in Thailand is one of the main reasons why Thailand has become so popular for cosmetic surgeries and treatments. The treatment costs here are much lower than in western countries, you can save approx 60%-80%, the price ranges are significantly wide.

For instance, breast implants using the same materials and techniques could cost from 50,000 to 150,000 baht depending on the hospital/clinic.

Azami believe that value should come together with quality. We, accordingly, select for you the international standard hospitals with experienced and licensed practitioners. We systematically present the options and predicted costs in order for our customers to see the most suitable services available to them.

2. Quality of the Hospitals

Thailand is recognized as the home of a large variety of world class hospitals. In 2020, Thailand has 65 JCI-accredited hospitals which is 3 times more than South Korea and 4 times more than Singapore. Thailand now stands top 4 in the world after Saudi Arabia, China and the UAE.

Due to the globally accepted standards, the customers are insured to receive the quality of treatment and care they deserve and expect. Azami is confidently partnered with a large number of hospitals and clinics that we have carefully assessed for their international standards. We aim to provide our valued customers with a wide range of quality options so that they are presented with the most appropriate medical centres and services that best meet their needs and preferences.

3. Doctors/Surgeons

The best doctors and surgeons play an essential role in providing quality assessment and treatment. A significant number of Thai doctors and surgeons have been educated in western countries, particularly in the United States of America & Europe. However, there appears to be a number of those who provide unauthorized practice of medical services (fake doctors) and there are some licensed doctors that do not specialise in the specific services that they’re performing! This leads to increased medical risks.

With Azami, we verify the license and quality of all of the doctors and surgeons including their further education and experience, in order to ensure our customers get safe treatment.


Communication plays a vital part in understanding and receiving quality medical care abroad. Medical personnel in most of the large hospitals can speak English, however not always sufficiently, especially when it involves complicated or nuanced content.

To avoid miscommunication, Azami caters to the needs of our customers with Thai & English-speaking staff who help coordinate every step of the process to make sure the treatment is performed as expected, including facilitating any other required communication throughout the whole process.

5. Accommodation and Travel

Booking accommodation is a must prior to traveling to Thailand for medical treatment. As Bangkok is a massive city with heavy traffic in most areas, the customers are advised to book somewhere near the preferred hospital or medical center to optimize their convenience of traveling.

Azami provides our dear customers with a list of hotels which shows the various prices and areas so that they can pleasantly choose one that fits their personal requirements and budget.

6. Recovery Time

In the case of a major surgery being performed, a few days in and out of the hospital to recover and provided after-care is to be expected, while there is a shorter time length for recovery in the case of minor procedures. Some medical procedures do not necessitate a significant recovery time.

However, generally speaking, for most treatments the customer needs to anticipate a recovery time in Thailand and also include a follow-up appointment, which is usually scheduled the following week. It is therefore advised to stay in Thailand for an additional 1-2 weeks.

We understand that staying in the hospital can become a boring, especially when patients already feel fully recovered. For this reason, if medically permitted, we recommend using part of your recovery time to visit Thailand’s beautiful tourist destinations or, simply enjoy other parts of the magnificent Thai culture while you get better.


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